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2020 Summer Intro Videos:
Shadowfolk Grove Intro: Midsummer Lore & Craft Class
On YouTube - June 18

In the second of our Sabbat Lore "mini intro" classes, join members of North Wyldewood Coven for an exciting look at the magic of Midsummer - the Summer Solstice! Learn a little more about the magic, lore, and rituals of Midsummer, and learn new ways that you can celebrate!

See you on the Spiral Path...

Shadowfolk Grove: Beltane Lore and At-Home Ritual


Join Denise (HPS or North Wyldewood Coven) and JoAnna (AHPS of North Wyldewood Coven) to learn about the lore and magic of Beltane! We'll also share some crafts and ideas for celebrating at home, as we move into the warm, joyful months of Summer.


In this first class of the Elemental Magic series, join members of North Wyldewood Coven for an exciting look at the magic of Air. The online video version of this class will include instructions for a great Air craft for ritual workings, that you can do in your own home!

See you on the Spiral Path...

Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Shadowfolk Grove Intro: Lammas Lore & Magic Class

In the third of our Sabbat Lore "mini intro" videos, brought to you by the Elders of Strangers' Gate Coven, learn a little of the lore and practices of the Wiccan holiday of Lughnasadh! Watch on YouTube, and tell us how you celebrated Lammas/Lughnasadh this year...

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