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An Important Announcement

From all of us in the Temple...

North Wyldewood Coven and Strangers’ Gate Coven grew up in the same tree, the TSP. Nurtured for years by the Shadowfolk Tradition, we recently came to understand that we are seedlings, not branches. We have sown ourselves and flourished as distinct individuals, and it is time for us to formally acknowledge and celebrate our differences as separate trees. 


In recognition of this, we are formally separating, and creating our own unique Traditions, which we have already sprouted into, over our decades of practice. This is done with love and with mutual support of one another as kindred.

North Wyldewood Tradition

Denise and JoAnna are the High Priestesses of North Wyldewood Coven. Founded in 2003, over the years our coven culture has developed to incorporate more animistic relationships, polytheistic devotion, well-Ancestral reverence, and shamanistic and oracular practices


North Wyldewood Tradition focuses on healing ourselves and, through rituals and ceremonies, connecting with the seasonal rhythms of the Earth, the Lunar cycles, the Elements, spirits of place, the Good Folk, and the Divine through the mediums of the arts, magic and crafts, guided meditation, journey and trance work, seership and divination all within a Wiccan ritual format. 


North Wyldewood has a deep love of learning and works to further our scholarly and experiential knowledge. Knowledge gained is best shared and to that end we will continue to hold some public rituals and events, workshops, and, have available online, our introductory course: Enter the Wyldewood, starting April 24th.

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Strangers' Gate Tradition

Ruthann, Athena, and Nanci are looking forward to building and evolving the Strangers' Gate Tradition by incorporating new guided meditations, songs, knowledge of diverse cultures' Earth-centered spiritual practices, crafts, labyrinths, and more into our Wiccan rituals, studies, and projects. 


The dynamic of having three co-leaders continues to work well for us as we weave together our individual interests into a strong creative magical bond. We anticipate a bright future where we can meet together safely to commune with nature and its divine energies, both as a private coven and a public facilitator of rituals, workshops, and classes.


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Continuing to Grow...

We are following the paths that are calling to us most strongly. We may do rituals, events, etc. in the future together, but right now we are firmly planting who we are in our individual traditions. We are excited to be spiraling out to grow our unique paths. We will continue to support each other as spiritual kindred.


Look for our new individual Traditions on our social media pages. We wish you blessings of blossoming of beginnings this Spring Equinox!


Blessed Be,

Denise, Nanci, Ruthann, Athena, Vickie, JoAnna and Jessica

Temple of the Spiral Path’s Council of Elders



 As we move through these times of change, join host JoAnna Farrer (High Priestess on NWC) and take a closer look at the arts of divination that can help guide our paths.

Coffee & Divination is a podcast that takes place LIVE on Zoom each month - and you're invited to take part! Each month, JoAnna Live chats with prominent members of the magical world (teachers, practitioners, authors) about practicing divination, magic, and much more. 

New York Times article featuring members of the Temple

"The Temple of the Spiral Path, which includes the North Wyldewood and Stranger’s Gate covens, has performed rituals in this clearing, known among the witches as the green cathedral, for 20 years.


The worshipers sat cross-legged around a circle of flowers — dried calendula, chamomile, lavender and rose petals — carefully arranged in a spiral. Ms. Cruci led them through a meditation. Then they slowly joined hands and began singing, and one by one, they entered the spiral. Their dancing grew increasingly raucous as they intoned, “We are a circle moving, one with another we are, moving together we are one.”